[Co-sponsored by Sogang University ICT Law and Economic Research Institute] Korea Internet Enterprise Association, Online Platform Trend International Seminar (Ⅱ) (23. 9. 6.)

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 The International Seminar on Online Platform Regulation Trends (Ⅱ) “What is the Right Platform Policy Direction?” will be held on September 6, (Wednesday) at 10:00 am, in the 2nd Small Meeting Room of the Assembly Members' Hall, co-hosted by Assemblyman Hee-gon Kim and Sogang University ICT Law and Economy Research Institute and supervised by Korea Internet Enterprise Association (Chairman Seong-ho Park).


 In the first international seminar, we reviewed the trend of prior regulation of the platform industry in major countries such as the United States, Europe, and Taiwan, and reviewed the development of discussions on legislation focusing on the prior regulation method in Korea.


 This second international seminar was also prepared to examine prior regulations from the empirical and privacy perspectives through foreign experts, and to discuss the right direction for online platform policies with domestic experts.


 The seminars will be held by Law Professor Tybalt Schrepel (Netherlands, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) on 'Innovation-centered competition and prior regulation', and Law Professor Mykolai Barzentevich (United Kingdom, University of Surrey) on 'EU DMA A presentation was given under the theme of 'Impact on Security and Personal Information Protection', and during the general discussion that followed, Professor Hong Dae-sik (Sogang University Law School, President of Korea Competition Law Association) moderated, and Advisor Shin Young-sun (law firm Yulchon) and Professor Shin Young-soo (Law Firm Yulchon) Kyungpook National University Law School), Attorney Kyu-Sung Oh (Kim & Chang Law Office), and Professor Choi Kyung-Jin (Gachon University Law Department) will participate in the discussion.


 This seminar will be broadcast live on YouTube and Naver TV of the Korea Internet Business Association, and detailed information can be found on the website of the Korea Internet Business Association (www.kinternet.org).


Online live broadcast

- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@kinternetorg

- Naver TV: https://tv.naver.com/kinternetorg


Inquiries: Policy Office 1 Youngkyu Kim (02-6941-0253, kim0gyu@kinternet.org)